Semi-automatic strapping machine for polyester or steel strapping

The Goliat semi-automatic strapping machine can be used in any situation where strapping is currently being done manually. Goliat has a wide range of strapping machines. Machine dimensions can be tailored to the client’s requirements. Customisation for special package dimensions is one of the available options. The machine has a feed for 16 – 19 mm polyester or steel strapping.

The machine is fitted with a push button control box for automatic or manual feeding in or out of the strapping tape. The operator gives a signal for feeding in the strapping tape and the end stops at the operator’s feet. The sealing unit opens to apply the loop and then tighten and seal.

The machine can be supplied in different sizes for different types of packaging.

The machine can be provided with different options, such as a lance, lance with rail, undercarriage runners, side protection, side press up to as much as 37,000 tonnes, etc.

  • Suitable for use in any situation where strapping is currently being done manually
  • Machine can be customised to client’s requirements
  • Can be used in combination with polyester or steel strapping

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