Fully automatic press with side pressing

The Goliat fully automatic wood press with side-mounted sealing is used primarily in the wood processing and cardboard industry. The machine is smaller than a traditional wood press but there is more than enough force to compress the package. The sealing head is the Cyklop CFH-1 type for PET strapping tape, mounted on a moveable arm. A moveable sealing head provides optimal strapping with equal pressure on both sides of the package. The Cyklop sealing head closes the package in an oscillating manner and then seals it with a friction seal. Friction seals eliminate the creation of poisonous vapours compared to traditional sealing.

The hydraulic press beams can deliver a press force between 1,000 and 37,000 N.
The machine can be supplemented with various options, such as undercarriage runners, edge protection, etc.

  • Highly suitable for the wood processing and cardboard industry
  • Smaller machine but with sufficient force to compress the package
  • Optimal strapping with equal pressure on both sides of the package

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