Fully automatic strapping machine for longitudinal strapping of pallets

The Goliath automatic strapping station with top sealing is used primarily for longitudinal strapping of pallets. The sealing head is the Cyklop CFH-1 type for PET strapping tape, mounted on a moveable arm. A moveable sealing head provides optimal strapping with equal pressure on both sides of the package. The Cyklop sealing head closes the package in an oscillating manner and then seals it with a friction seal. Friction seals eliminate the creation of poisonous vapours compared to traditional sealing.

Function: the strapping frame with two tape channels moves from the side of the roller conveyor to the work position. The package is then strapped twice. Only the sealing head moves between the two tape channels.

Machine dimensions are configured to the pallet dimensions.

  • Longitudinal strapping of pallets
  • Optimal strapping with equal pressure on both sides of the package

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