Fully automatic top sheet dispenser

The Goliat fully automatic top sheet dispensers, types EU-2500, EU-3400 and EU-3700, are used primarily in the wood processing and cardboard industry. The machine consists of a portal frame with a driven roller which places the film on the package and a cutting mechanism for cutting the film to size. The machine can be supplied in a single or twin version. The single-version machine has one roll in use and one in reserve. The twin-version machine has two rolls in operation and two extra rolls. The reserve rolls minimise halts in production when a roll is empty and needs to be replaced. The top sheet is automatically applied when the package passes the machine. The feed rate can be adjusted to approximately 35 m/min with a frequency transformer.
The use of good quality top sheets with an approximate thickness of 80 μm is important to guarantee the proper working of the machine. The machine is normally supplied with a portal frame, making it possible to pass under the machine, but as an option it can be supplied just with the roller inclusive of cutting mechanism. The machine can also be mounted on a lift.

The machine can also be fitted with safety equipment (safety hatch, protective glass, fall protection) if it is not placed at a height of 2.7 m above the running surface.

  • Suitable for the wood processing and cardboard industry
  • Can be supplied in single or twin versions
  • Top sheet is applied automatically

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